The Devil is in the Details: Spatial and Temporal Super-Resolution of Global Climate Models using Deep Learning

Applied SRGAN and SuperSloMo on global climate models to increase the framerate and resolution of climate predictions.

[Paper] [Website]

ZeroHero: Reducing Food Waste with Computer Vision

A custom trained object classification model on 10 common fruits and vegetables used to see what's leftover in your fridge and suggest delicious recipes.


Raspberry Pi Powered Autonomous Car

A toy autonomous car inspired by the use of computer vision to classify road conditions. The car make decisions based on the camera feed using a locally deployed TensorFlow model.


American Sign Language Translator

An app that translates ASL signs it into English and reads them aloud in real time, enabling instant interpretation of the ASL. The translator is trained on a custom data set and the model is deployed on AutoML.


Life RPG - Alexa Skill

A voice assistant enabled habit tracking skill that gamifies habit tracking with leveling up and bonus features using AWS DynamoDB and Node.js.


Adaptive BCI Website

A website that adapts its style in response to EEG signals captured from a sensor connected to the computer.


Beefindr Website

An online platform that connects parents to independent summer camps and programs.

(Project from MIT Launch 2017 session 2 with Lexi, Michelle, and Melissa)

Work in progress:

NJIT Solar Modeling

Modeled parameters of a solar flare at NJIT Center for Solar Terrestrial Research under Dr. Fleishman, Dr. Nita, and Natsuha.

GAN Face Generator

A first attempt at using generative adversial network for image generation with TensorFlow.

(Made at HackUC2 with Kevin Zhang in 24 hours)


Plant Microbial Fuel Cell

A plant based microbial fuel cell system that can integrate electricity generation with agriculture. The plants generate sugar from photosynthesis and bacteria digest the sugar while releasing electrons. The electrons are directed through a circuit to light up LEDs.

Project Banana Pi

I make videos with my makeshift DIY studio and my smartphone camera. I post videos on Banana Pi tutorials and tech reviews.



Banana Pi Website

I designed the website / UI for Banana Pi with the goal of making information on Banana Pi computer boards more accessible.